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MISSION STATEMENT Bagonia combines innovative function and cutting edge style to create eco-friendly products that help women and men live environmentally friendly lives while enhancing style.

ABOUT BAGONIA Founded in 2008, Bagonia is a socially responsible and eco-friendly fashion company that develops, manufactures and distributes products that combine function and beauty into every item it makes. Each product developed by Bagonia is a creative and eco-conscious solution that meets the needs of today’s modern woman and man.

Every product is 100% cruelty-free, designed and ethically manufactured in the United States. The company believes in using organic textiles, reclaimed fabrics and hardware. By sourcing materials that otherwise would end-up in landfills, Bagonia works to show others that style and fashion doesn’t mean over-production and consumption.

VISION Beyond the creation of eco-friendly products, Bagonia works to promote the importance of protecting the environment through the establishment of partnerships with socially responsible companies and the dissemination of educational information.

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Eco Chic Emerging Fashion Marries Functionality And Practicality

Posted 08-29-09

by, NoBlivity Fashion Editor

San Diego based emerging designers Adriana Herrera and Nicole MacDonald created an eco-chic fashion label Her Niche Products. They design handbags that are practical and functional for the girl on the go. One of the bags can actually be attached to your bike handles if you ride or a stroller if you push. Also, the large bag has a breakaway clutch on the inside for convenience – what a great idea. If Read more...

Green and Gorgeous Gets Simple and Stylish with Bagonia’s Busy Bag

Posted 08-13-09

Bagonia’s Busy Bag is for Women on the Go, Like Me
by Jennae Patterson

If there’s any one word that accurately describes my life, it’s “busy.” Between my two blogs and my graphic design business, my 4-year-old and my husband, there is very little down time in my life. So when I stumbled upon Bagonia’s Busy Bag, I was more than a little intrigued.

I’ve told you

Bagonia and Birch Proudly Present eARTh

Posted 08-12-09

We're so SO excited to be just a few weeks away from launching our new eARTh line.  Meticulously designed with the environment, people and animals in mind, Bagonia's and Birch's new line, eARTh, is an eco-chic solution to live an organized and eco-friendly life without ever having to compromising style. 

The new line will be officially launching at POOL, an invitation only tradeshow taking place in conjunction with MAGIC, August 31st - September 2nd.

Click the

Petco Loves Bagonia Handbags

Posted 07-20-09

Reusable Bag Fashion
by Shannon Anderson
Whether it’s my Whole Foods bag, My PETCO bag or my Trader Joe’s bag – I still sometimes find myself forgetting my shopping bag when I hit the stores. I’ve gotten fairly good at putting it back in my car the day after a shopping trip but it never fails that I somehow forget it when I really need it. My latest find should help solve that problem though. Bagonia handbags shown here Read more...

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